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Unformatted text preview: a.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:552) Caused by: No ManagedConnections available within configured blocking timeout ( 4000 [ms] ) at org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.AbstractSinglePoolConnectionInterceptor.getConnection(AbstractSinglePoolConnectionInterceptor.java:73) at org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.TransactionEnlistingInterceptor.getConnection(TransactionEnlistingInterceptor.java:47) at org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.TransactionCachingInterceptor.getConnection(TransactionCachingInterceptor.java:86) at org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.ConnectionHandleInterceptor.getConnection(ConnectionHandleInterceptor.java:43) at org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.TCCLInterceptor.getConnection(TCCLInterceptor.java:39) at org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.ConnectionTrackingInterceptor.getConnection(ConnectionTrackingInterceptor.java:66) at org.apache.geronimo.connector.outbound.AbstractConnectionManager.allocateConnection(AbstractConnectionManager.java:58) at org.tranql.connector.jdbc.DataSource.getConnection(DataSource.java:56) ... 9 more LoginConfig XML doesn't support the wrap flag The login config XML format should have an element for the "wrap principals" flag, and the builder should use it. Add quotes around variable reference in geronimo.sh geronimo.sh contains a statement - touch $GERONIMO_OUT - that needs quotes around it to prevent errors when the name contains spaces. Assemblies include all car files in the repository Assemblies include all geronimo configuration archives so we end up with 2 copies of all configurations in our server, one in the repository and one unpacked in the configuration store. HSQLDB stored procedure syntax not correct Cayenne currently executes HSQLDB stored procedures as follows: {? = call procedureName(?, ?, ...)} However, HSQLDB's parser (incorrectly) requires: {?= call procedureName(?, ?, ...)} Additionally, if procedureName contains periods, it must be enclosed in quotes. The attached patch adds a new createTranslator on ProcedureAction, along with a new HSQLDBProcedureTranslator. HSQLActionBuilder is updated accordingly. Note that HSQLDB supports reading OUT parameters at some level, but not through the trad...
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