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Unformatted text preview: nt)pm1.getObjectById(p4oid, true); p1tx1.setX(101); p2tx1.setX(201); pm1.deletePersistent(p3tx1); pm1.deletePersistent(p4tx1); // update/delete the instances in tx2 tx2.begin(); *** PCPoint p1tx2 = (PCPoint)pm2.getObjectById(p1oid, true); *** this is where the test hangs *** PCPoint p2tx2 = (PCPoint)pm2.getObjectById(p2oid, true); PCPoint p3tx2 = (PCPoint)pm2.getObjectById(p3oid, true); PCPoint p4tx2 = (PCPoint)pm2.getObjectById(p4oid, true); PCPoint p5tx2 = (PCPoint)pm2.getObjectById(p5oid, true); p1tx2.setX(102); // pm2.deletePersistent(p2tx2); // this should fail but succeeds due to an RI bug p3tx2.setX(202); pm2.deletePersistent(p4tx2); p5tx2.setX(502); // this change should not be committed Set expectedFailedObjects = new HashSet(); expectedFailedObjects.add(p1tx2); // expectedFailedObjects.add(p2tx2); expectedFailedObjects.add(p3tx2); expectedFailedObjects.add(p4tx2); // commit tx1 (should succeed) tx1.commit(); tx1 = null; // commit tx2 (should fail) try { tx2.commit(); fail(ASSERTION_FAILED, "concurrent commit not detected"); } catch (JDOOptimisticVerificationException ex) { // verify the correct information in the exception RUN OptimisticFailure.test[INFO] tck - Exception during setUp or runtest: <javax.jdo.JDODataStoreException: Fetch request failed: SELECT PCPOINT.X,PCPOINT.Y,PCPOINT.ID FROM PCPOINT WHERE (PCPOINT.ID = ?) [java] NestedThrowables: [java] SQL Exception: A lock could not be obtained within the time requested>javax.jdo.JDODataStoreException: Fetch request failed: SELECT PCPOINT.X,PCPOINT.Y,PCPOINT.ID FROM PCPOINT WHERE (PCPOINT.ID = ?) [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at org.jpox.state.StateManagerImpl.loadDFGFields( [java] at org.jpox.state.StateManagerImpl.loadDefaultFetchGroup( [java] at org.jpox.state.StateManagerImpl.validate( [java] at org.jpox.AbstractPersistenceManager.getO...
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