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Unformatted text preview: ject) scenes.get(0); SomeObject s2 = (SomeObject) scenes.get(1); 2. Case 1: make a phantom modification: s1.setDescription(s1.getDescription()); // "s1.validateForSave" is NOT CALLED context.commitChanges(); 3. Case 2: make a phantom modification and some other unrelated object modification: // "phantom" modification - the property is really unchanged s1.setDescription(s1.getDescription()); // some other unrelated object modification s2.setDescription(s2.getDescription() + "_x"); // "s1.validateForSave" is CALLED context.commitChanges(); In case 2 s1.validateForSave shouldn't be invoked. TextField constructor passes wrong argument to super class Hi, The following constructor exists for TextField. public TextField(String name, String label, boolean required) { super(label, label); setRequired(required); } The call to super should be : super(name,label); Kind regards, bob SubscriptionFilter gives a StackOverflowError This is the component that contains the filter: <sm:activationSpec componentName="ng:sender" service="ng:sender" failIfNoDestinationEndpoint="false"> <sm:component> <bean class="com.neogrid.integrator.components.OutputSender" /> </sm:component> <sm:subscriptions> <sm:subscriptionSpec service="ng:identifier"> <sm:filter><bean class="com.neogrid.integrator.components.identifier.WhenFilter"/></sm:filter> </sm:subscriptionSpec> </sm:subscriptions> </sm:activationSpec> The filter only returns "true". The full stack trace is in JPOX throws NPE when result class is specified with no result clause for deletion by query using single string query. The test case DeleteQueryElements fails throwing a NPE for the query below. The test case is expected to thow a JDOUserException. The same test case succeeds when an API query is used. 14:22:25,250 (main) DEBU...
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