Java line 82 which currently reads public static

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Unformatted text preview: render( # org.apache.tapestry.BaseComponent.renderComponent( SQL Exception: 'ADPT_PK_IDX' is not a column in table or VTI 'APPLICATIONIDENTITY0.HASHMAP_OBJECT0_STR'. Test*MapStringValueCollections there is a mismatch between orm and schema. Remove <order> from mapping for HashSetCollections and SetCollections. The mapping for HashSetCollections and SetCollections incorrectly have <order> columns. There should not be an ordering specified for the join table since duplicates are not allowed. The mapping for application identity should not need a primary key, since the JDO implementation should be able to figure out that the primary key is part of the Map.key, but the datastore identity mapping does need a primary key (and again, I'd use the id field of SimpleClass as the join table key column. Using sendSync on the JMS Flow can cause the whole flow to deadlock We now use the WorkManager to route the message in the NMR when we receive a JMS message, thus freeing the jms session, and avoiding the deadlock. Jcr-Server: Invalid value for HTTP auth header At present, DAV Explorer won't log in to the JCR WebDav servlet - it doesn't even ask for a username & password. (Neither the Microsoft WinXP WebDAV & Novell's NetDrive were as fussy and were happy to log in) Using Ethereal, I compared the traffic for a valid Slide WebDav login compared to a JCR WebDav login. I've now found and fixed the problem on my local build, and I've now got DAV Explorer to work with JCR Webdav. Here's a description of the bugfix: In jackrabbit/contrib/jcr-server/server/src/java/org/apache/jackrabbit/server/, there is a public static final String DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATE_HEADER. This is currently set to "Basic Realm=Jackrabbit Webdav Server". This is not a valid string for use in this context as it is in breach of RFC2617 for 2 reasons: 1) "Realm" should be "realm" 2) "Jackrabbit Webdav Server" should be in quotes, i.e. "...
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