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Unformatted text preview: ion is a private build We are using a private build of wsdl4j that incorporates patches for defects 1176773 and 1193602. We should try to talk the wsld4j guys into making another point release. These patches were applied after 1.5.1 the last released version and we need the patches for web services. Dims, do you know how to get in touch with these people? Role Mapping using Login Domain Name In the security settings, each login module has a login domain name. This is so that a single realm could distinguish between principles (with the same name) from two login modules of the same class. For example, if you have two LDAP login modules pointing to different servers, you could distinguish based on principal class and login domain name so "administrator" from server A is different than "administrator" from server B. However, in our role mapping, we let you specify a realm, principal class, and principal name, but not a login domain name. In other words, all LDAP-group-administrator entries look the same, regardless of which server they originate from. I think the mapping should have a login-domain-name attribute on the "principal" XML type. I'd say it should be optional so you only have to use it if you care to distinguish (it would be obnoxious to need to specify it every time). We could also do this with another surrounding element like (but within) "realm" -- I guess I don't care all that much either way. What I don't have a handle on is the changes required to our security processing infrastructure to make this work. I'm not sure whether or how the login domain name propogates on the principals we create, though I have a vague memory that the principal wrappers were going to hold the login domain names. NullPointerException when no security element is in plan When no security element is specified in a plan, the following NullPointerException is thrown. [java] Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException [java] at org.apache.geronimo.jetty.deployment.JettyModuleBuilder.addGBeans( [j...
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