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Unformatted text preview: nblocks on the thread t2.3 so onAcceptError(e) is invoked, which logs the error by this time the thread at t1.2 is unbocked, sets the closed flag, etc, etc, and the broker finishes its shutdown. Seems that there needs to be some flag that indicates the transport-server is in the process of shutting down, maybe something like: ... catch (Exception e) { ... if (!isClosing()) { onAcceptError(e); } ... embedded brokers seem a little broken we should be able to use an embedded broker in an ActiveMQConnectionFactory and use any URL to connect to it; yet there seems a bug somewhere. e.g. if I use factory.brokerURL = "tcp://localhost:62001" and use a Spring embedded broker container factory, we get a socket in use. Is it trying to make 2 brokers maybe? theme css_xhtml is missing form-close.ftl The css_xhtml theme is missing the form-close.ftl template. Since the theme inherits from xhtml, it uses its form-close which results in an unmatched </table> before the close of the form. All the template needs is an include of simple/form-close. Tom Problem in using a security realm added through geronimo console I have created a simple web application that uses a FORM authentication method. In the deployment plan, I have configured the application to use "geronimo-properties-realm". The application works fine. At this point a added a new realm with name "onemore-properties-realm" through the "Security Realms" portlet. I have modified the deployment plan to use this newly added security realm and redeployed the application. The security part of this application does not work anymore. I am getting the following exception on login attempt. 17:41:53,036 INFO [JAASJettyRealm] problem java.lang.NullPointerException: target is null at org.apache.geronimo.kernel.basic.BasicProxyManager.createProxy( at
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