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Unformatted text preview: ows='1'> </table> Cleanup and SiteMesh problems WW Action Tag does not go through ActionMapper WW2.2 Tag Syntax Issues I have found a few parsing issues w/ the upgrade to WW2.2. I talked w/ pat in this thread: But here is a more formal attempt to capture the problems Ive seen. + <ww:include page attribute used to be value(at least thats what i used) OLD <ww:include page="/usecase/caseEditableFields.jsp" /> NEW <ww:include value="'/usecase/caseEditableFields.jsp'" /> + <ww:select listKey attribute OLD <ww:select label="'Case Type'" name="'caseType'" value="getStringProperty('caseType')" list="#caseType.results" listKey="description" listValue="description"/> NEW <ww:select label="'Case Type'" name="'caseType'" value="getStringProperty('caseType')" list="#caseType.results" listKey="'description'" listValue="description"/> +<ww:param nested body not applying to bean.... if I use the nested body of a param to try to set something on a bean its not getting set. Example: <ww:bean name="'com.esage.agility.presentation.StatisticsBean'" id="stats"> <ww:param name="'groupBy'">Cool Value</ww:param> </ww:bean> This bug is detailed here in better detail in this thread. It details out why this particular method is required Thats all the issues I can recall now... Mike MatchAllDocsQuery doesn't honor boost or queryNorm MatchAllDocsQuery doesn't pay attention to either it's own boost, or lucene's query normalization factor. Very bad performance using new WW 2.2 tags When access...
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