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Unformatted text preview: ations StateChangeListener of Sheet Component receives no notifications when page is selected by clicking on the number link. ~xsd__hexBinary() needs to delete the contents of __ptr On the destructor of xsd__hexBinary() it needs to check if the __ptr value is not NULL and then delete it before returning. netui anchor tag does not properly render a 'mailto' href a netui anchor like this: <netui:anchor href="mailto:[email protected]">beehive mailto</netui:anchor> produces an html anchor tag that looks like this: <a href="mailto:">beehive mailto</a> Tapestry may, in some cases, look for a page class in the wrong package I've been trying to come up with a patch but work has been getting crazy and I have been ill for days now. A detailed description of the problem (and apossible solution) is to be found here: In a nutshell, if a user references a Tapestry page whose class must be found from a given list of packages it may be the case that way they have referenced (by name) may mislead the ComponentClassProvider to look in the wrong package. If that happens, the class is not found and (in most cases) BasePage is assigned as the page class. Often this will break the application if the page depends on a class other than BasePage. Depending on how the app is set up there could be 3 or more legal ways to reference a page by name (path parts) but only one way will result in the right page class being located. Error displayed when (successfully) creating user When I create a new user with the admin portlet, I always get the message "User alread exists" (though the user is created successfully). Link in cached.jsp page to cached content is an absolute link The link in the cached.jsp page that points to the cached content uses an absolute link, of the form "/servlet/cached?idx=xxx&id=yyy". This causes an error when the user goes to click on the link and the Nutch war is not deployed at the root context of the application server. The link should be of the form "./servlet/cac...
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