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Unformatted text preview: e _RWSTD_REINTERPRET_CAST (long*, &__x) ? With best wishes, Anton Pevtsov. [HP aCC 3,5 +w] Warning (suggestion) 933: Null macro argument Compiling the library source files ti_num_get.cpp, ti_num_put.cpp, and ti_numpunct.cpp with HP aCC 3 and 5 gives the following warning: aCC +DA2.0N -D_RWCONFIG=8d -I./../../../include -I./../../.. -I./../../.. -I.. -I. -D_RWBUILD_std +w +W229 +W361 +W392 +W431 +W655 +W684 +W818 +W819 +W849 +W889 -AA +ESnolit -O +Z -c ../ti_num_get.cpp Warning (suggestion) 933: "../ti_num_get.cpp", line 56 # Null macro argument #1 for macro '_RWSTD_DEFINE_FACET_FACTORY'. _RWSTD_DEFINE_FACET_FACTORY (_RWSTD_EXPORT, num_get, TARGS_C, nu ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ No link to download There are no links on Jetspeed-2 site to download Jetspeed-2. See Jetspeed-1 site ( for a good example of download links. FilterDispatcher setup and cleanup non-webwork request StAXOMBuilder omits setting for the namespace that is bound to xml prefix StxOMBuilder omits the settings for the namespace that is bound to the xml prefix. Hence it always return NULL for any attribute value which is bound to that namespace. e.g. <wsp:Policy xml:base="uri:thisBase" xmlns:wsp=""> ... </wsp:Policy> The attribute 'xml:base' always returns as NULL in the corresponding OMElement. The namespace bound to xml prefix is fixed and should be wired in any parser that is namespace aware. Locking two same-name siblings and unlocking first apparently unlocks second instead. Executing the following test that unlocks the first of two locked same-name siblings: public void testLocking() throws RepositoryException { Session jcrSession = ((S1SessionImpl) session).getSession(); Node rootNode = jcrSession.getRootNode(); Node n1 = rootNode.addNode("path"); n1.addMixin("mix:lockable"); Node n2 = roo...
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