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Unformatted text preview: 497: http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg21/docs/lwg-active.html#497 $ cat t.cpp && nice make t -r CPPOPTS=-DSIGTRAP=5 && ./t #include <cassert> #include <csetjmp> #include <csignal> #include <limits> std::jmp_buf env; extern "C" void handle_trap (int) { std::longjmp (env, 1); } volatile int zero; int main () { const bool traps = std::numeric_limits<int>::traps; bool trapped = false; std::signal (SIGFPE, handle_trap); std::signal (SIGTRAP, handle_trap); if (0 == setjmp (env)) { zero = 2 / zero; } else { trapped = true; } assert (traps && trapped || !traps && !trapped); } eccp -c -I/build/sebor/dev/stdlib/include/ansi -D_RWSTDDEBUG -D_RWSTD_USE_CONFIG -I/build/sebor/eccp-3.6-11s/include -I/build/sebor/dev/stdlib/include -I/build/sebor/dev/stdlib/../rwtest -I/build/sebor/dev/stdlib/../rwtest/include -I/build/sebor/dev/stdlib/tests/include -DSIGTRAP=5 -A -x --template_directory=/build/sebor/eccp-3.6-11s/lib -g --display_error_number --remarks --diag_suppress 193,236,340,401,261,479,487,678,679,815 t.cpp eccp t.o -o t -L/build/sebor/eccp-3.6-11s/rwtest -lrwtest11s --template_directory=/build/sebor/eccp-3.6-11s/lib -L/build/sebor/eccp-3.6-11s/lib -lstd11s -lm t.cpp:30: Assertion 'traps && trapped || !traps && !trapped' failed. /build/sebor/eccp-3.6-11s/tests/t:__rw_assert_fail__4__rwFPCcT1iT1+0x84 /build/sebor/eccp-3.6-11s/tests/t:main+0xcc /build/sebor/eccp-3.6-11s/tests/t:_start+0x5c Abort (core dumped) Patch for xml.xsd, geronimo-connector-1.0.xsd and geronimo-security-1.1.xsd I was having problems with the provided schemas not validating. This was causing extraneous errors in the xml-editor when creating deployment plans for a database pool and web-app. The xsd:import were added to each of the respective geronimo- .xsds The xml.xsd was compared to http://www.w3.org/2001/xml.xsd which resulted i the changes I added. Hopefully you can include this patch :) p.s. thanks to Ed Marks ov...
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