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Unformatted text preview: te> <attribute name="port">4201</attribute> </gbean> </configuration> to: <configuration name="org/apache/geronimo/Server"> <gbean name="openejb:name=EJB,type=NetworkService"> <attribute name="host"></attribute> <attribute name="port">14201</attribute> </gbean> </configuration> At startup, you see.. Listening on Ports: 4201 ActiveIO Connector EJB Forward to a non-exist jpf file no longer generate any compiler warnings Compile the attached pageflow, expected to generate the following warning, Controller.java:21: warning: File "/DoesNotExist.jpf" could not be found in the web application. protected Forward begin() ^1 warning Actual: no error or warning output. Attach the pageflow shortly. Continued build problems with "new" Maven goals Continued build problems as noted in email trials - Re: [M1] Plugin hell, help desperately needed Re: A successful build Suggested maven m:clean new, never worked for me on a clean WinXP system. Fix for new4 goal, was to re-enable the following dependency - <dependency> <groupId>geronimo</groupId> <artifactId>geronimo-packaging-plugin</artifactId> <version>${geronimo_version}</version> <type>plugin</type> </dependency> Fix for new5 goal, was to insert the following new dependency - <dependency> <groupId>geronimo</groupId> <artifactId>geronimo-izpack-plugin</artifactId> <type>plugin</type> <version>${pom.currentVersion}</version> </dependency> Will attach the patch files for the above in a few minutes. Potential cross-site-scripting vulnerability when not in production mode Repro: - Make sure you are not running in production mode. By default, this is based on not passing "-ea" when starting the server. - Start up a Beehive-enabled webapp (named 'myWebapp' in this examp...
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