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Unformatted text preview: uot;/></input> > > </html:form> > > </div> > > <%@ include file="/theme/footer.jsp" %> The logic seems to be wired correctly in the from bean and the action, but the field is hidden. I don't know why this is so (maybe there are some problems associated to that filed, I don't know), or if it changed in more recent roller versions. CCing Dave Johnson (he does not have his new Sun address yet!-) He joined us recently, let's leverage his intimate knowledge of Roller history:-) I logged bug in the Roller bug tracking system. In the meantime before they fix it, it's very easy to add these metadata yourself: - log in - go to categories page - right click on the edit buttton of the categories you want to modify: copy the id the the categories - click on it and copy the values for name and description - create a url like - enter done. edit the category and do a view source: the data for image is there, but hidden. Then you can use it in your velocity template. P@ Martin Englund wrote: > Folks, > > I want to set the category image, but the category edit page doesn't display that field. Any ideas on how to do that? > > I have custom category images, and get the name of the image to display by storing it in the description file: > <IMG src="/roller/resources/martin/$entry.category.description"/> > > But as there is an image field, I'd like to use it instead, e.g. > <IMG src="$entry.category.image"/> > > If you want to take a look at the page, it is here: > <> > > cheers, > /Martin Javascript error in comments.vm Creating a comment and remembering information causes javascript error: 'theForm' is undefined I think the reason is, that this check is done outside...
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