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Unformatted text preview: d be removed from mod_python.publisher. You might still provide a special function/wrapper that works like PublisherIterable but handles recursive structures and callable objects in the process, but I feel it should be up to the user to make a conscious effort to use it and mod_python.publisher shouldn't assume that it should process any iterable in this way automatically. HotDeployer gets IllegalStateExceptions during a non-hot deploy deploy of an app During a deploy of DayTrader, I get several (2 or 3) of the following warnings sent to STDOUT: 19:27:12,259 WARN [DirectoryHotDeployer] Hot deployer unable to determine whether kernel is started java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot retrieve the value for non-persistent attribute kernelFullyStarted when GBeanInstance is DESTROYED at org.apache.geronimo.gbean.runtime.GBeanInstance.getAttribute( at org.apache.geronimo.kernel.basic.BasicKernel.getAttribute( at at at The problem must be in HotDeployer.isServerRunning(). It's getting a list of PersistentConfiguration GBeans and querying each one to see if it's active. Only when all are active is the server determined to be "active". During a deploy, there must be GBeans which are destroyed, probably as a replacement is created? (e.g. LocalAttributeManager). I have a patch (will post shortly) that sets a boolean to true once a server is detected as "running". After it's set to true, we'll never check the GBeans again... Clearly we're in need of a better way of determining server "state", any bright ideas? However, the boolean fixes the problem at hand... is extremely unhelpful for new people a exception thrown message Many newbies that use webwork, doesn't understand this "There is no Action mapped for...
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