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Unformatted text preview: rrentDayCell" value="#{remessaBean.value}" renderAsPopup="true" popupDateFormat="dd/MM/yyyy" style="vertical-align:bottom;" renderPopupButtonAsImage="true" rendered='#{ and field.tipo=="DATE"}' popupTodayString="Hoje é" popupWeekString="Sm" popupGotoString="Mês Corrente" popupScrollLeftMessage="Ir para o mês anterior" popupScrollRightMessage="Ir para o próximo mês" popupSelectMonthMessage="Selecione o mês" popupSelectYearMessage="Selecione o ano" popupSelectDateMessage="Selecione [date] como data"/> inputCalendar localized month names problem When popup calendar renders text like "Today is <date>", if date comes from localized month names array 'jscalendarMonthName', so javascript goes render something like ... + jscalendarMonthName[jscalendarMonthNow].substring(0,3) + ... as the month name, but it works just in non diacritic languages such as english, but when some other non-english character apperas in month name it goes wrong output because of character replacing by its appropriate entity (for example á for character á from czech language) and js substring function. The easiest solution is to remove substring function from javascript. Another one is to add parameter such as popupTodayFormat similar to popupDateFormat to format this text manually and let javascript just to write this formatted string with prefix text given by popupTodayString parameter. With regards Tom Spec compliance: managed-beans do not support List properties that are write-only If you use <list-entries> for a property that has only a setter, you get a FacesException thrown as a result of ManagedBeanBuilder.initializeProperties() calling PropertyResolver.getValue(). However, the spec is clear that this scenario is supported; see For <list-entries>: 1. Call the property getter, if it exists. 2. If the getter returns null or do...
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