Good Will

Good Will - state i.e “happiness” These produce...

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Good Will It is impossible to conceive anything of being good without qualification, except good will. Intelligence, wit, and judgment as well as courage, resolution, and constancy of purpose can be good things; but they can also be bad things depending on the will with which they were intended. From this situation we derive “character”. It is the same with gifts of fortune (power, money, etc…), and contentment with one’s
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Unformatted text preview: state i.e. “happiness”. These produce boldness, and often over-boldness, unless a good will is present in these gifts. Good will is good because of its good willing alone. Even if it fails in its purpose, but still makes its utmost effort, it is still good by the virtue of its intent. Nothing can add to or detract from a good will’s goodness....
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