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08-28-07 - Southeast Asia South/Central America etc What...

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Comparative Politics August 28, 2007 What is poli sci? Comparative politics is a subfield of poli sci. CP studies other countries through comparative analysis. We can study anything that happens in society. We study human action, and social phenomena, i.e. "why people act the way they do.". More specialized, human action and social phenomena in politics. Definitions of politics: Authoritative distribution of values. Who gets what and how? Collective decision making. What do we study in poli sci? Gov., International Relations, Trade, Econ. Econ and poli sci are closely related i.e. tax revenue. In order to understand one, the other is needed. Elections and campaigns, voting systems, policy, policy implementation, culture, revolution In 1980's there were some 150 countries, there are now around 250. During the 80's there were very few democracies limited to western industrial democracy. 80's Democracies: Canada, U.S. Japan, UK, Australia, Most Europe. Many adopted Dem in the 80's
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Unformatted text preview: Southeast Asia, South/Central America, etc. .. What propels this revolution? Presence of free election is the main/sole criterion for democracy. Mother and child parallel to politics. Three conceptual themes of Comparative Politics 1. Institutions 2. Policy Making 3. Political Economy 1. Formal or informal rules that prescribe certain actions and methods Why? Individuals make decisions which lead to certain events. None of these things occur in a political vacuum, individuals make decisions and take actions under the constraints of institutions. ex: You may want to become the president, and you could kill him in order to do so, but Institutions against murder deter such action. Rules, Laws etc. ..Systems. ..Executive, Legislative, Judicial branches. 2. The government installs policies that affect us. 3. Economy has an affect on the well-being of people. Econ is affected by gov. Relationships between conceptual themes is cross-applicable....
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08-28-07 - Southeast Asia South/Central America etc What...

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