TEST 1 REVIEW-course - Coms 100 Review The power of public...

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-1Coms 100 Review The power of public speaking- allows us to make ideas public, express ideas, making a difference Public Speaking and Critical Thinking- expressing ideas more clear, helps think more clear and accurate The Speech Communication Process- 1. Speaker-presenting an oral message to listener 2. Message- whatever a speaker communicates to someone else 3. Channel- means by which a message is communicated 4. Listener- person who receives the speaker’s message 5. Feedback- usually nonverbal messages sent from a listener to a speaker 6. Interference- anything that impedes the communication of a message. External or internal to listeners 7. Situation- time and place in which speech communication occurs. Public speaking in a multicultural world- more complex as cultural diversity increases. Along with other viewpoints of seeing the world. Ethical Speaking Guidelines- 1. Make goals ethically sound 2. Be fully prepared for each speech- prepare fully every time u stand in front of an audience 3. Be honest in what you say 4. Avoid name calling and other forms of abusive language 5. Put ethical principles into practice (3)Types of Plagiarism 1. Global- stealing a speech entirely from a single source and passing it off as ones own 2. Patchwork- Stealing ideas or language from 2 or 3 sources and “
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TEST 1 REVIEW-course - Coms 100 Review The power of public...

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