This occurs when the soil is saturated and the

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Unformatted text preview: occurs when the soil is saturated and the bacteria use nitrate as an oxygen source. NO3nitrate NO2nitrite NO nitric oxide N2O nitrous oxide Crop Uptake is the prime goal of N management on farms. The greatest efficiency occurs when adequate N is applied at a time when the crop is actively taking it up. Efficient N use also depends on a number of other factors including temperature, soil moisture, pest pressure, and soil compaction. In the moist Northeast climate, nitrate remaining in the soil after the growing season will be lost to leaching or denitrification between crop harvest and the next planting season. Efficient N use during the growing season and the use of cover crops can minimize such losses. N2 dinitrogen gas De-nitrification is common in poorly drained soils. Volatilizat...
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