Volatilization is the loss of n through the

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Unformatted text preview: ion is the loss of N through the conversion of ammonium to ammonia gas, which is released to the atmosphere. The volatilization losses increase at higher soil pH and conditions that favor evaporation (e.g. hot and windy). H2N-C-NH2 Urea NH4+ ammonium Summary The ultimate goal of N management is to maximize N efficiency by increasing crop uptake and minimizing N losses to the environment. Crop N needs can be met through existing N sources (e.g. from soil organic matter, past sods and previously applied manure) and supplementary applications of N through manure and fertilizers. To make the most of existing N sources and purchased fertilizers, consider the N cycle facts, below: N released from killed sods, via mineralization and nitrification, can supply enough N for most, if not all, of the N needs of the following corn crop. The timing an...
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