Mgtop301Test3 - 1. The modern trend forming...

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1. The modern trend forming cross-functional teams in organizations is useful because: Members from diverse functional areas can engage in information sharing that breaks down “functional chimneys” 2. In bilateral or relational contracting, when parties agree on broad contract goals, but not the details, it means: They expect to maintain the relationship over the long term, but the specifications for the goods begin purchased may change 3. The purpose of controlling is to _____. Coordinate resources and task performance. 4. Disney recently decided to buy ownership of the Muppets of Sesame Street, from Kermit the frog to Fozzie bear. A likely rationale for that acquisition would be: it acquires new resources and allows the company to grow 5. ____ have features of ____, including more decentralized authority, fewr rules and procedures, less precise division of labor, wider spans of control and more personal means of coordination. Adaptive organizations….organic designs 6. Observables in an organizational culture are important because they: Are what managers work upon to change hidden beliefs and values 7. Which of the following situations is most likely to be the result of the organization’s inability to progress quickly enough through the innovation process: In the cell phone market, rapid changes in taste and demand have forced producers to
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Mgtop301Test3 - 1. The modern trend forming...

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