bio102 lecutre 1-25 - Animal behavior kin selection C(h 32...

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1/25/08: Animal behavior/ kin selection C(h 32: pp. 582-587, 590-594) Lecture Outline Basis of behavior Learned or innate (fixed) Social learning Social behavior Altruism Mate choice (in animals) Behaviors can be learned or innate (fixed) Learned Response based on past experiences Much of human behavior Innate Does not depend on past experiences instinctive/innate behaviors Triggered when conditions are right Learned behavior - example - West Coast Salmon 1 - 2 yrs. in freshwater streams Then swim to Pacific Ocean At breeding size, return to same stream where hatched river’s chemical “scent” “scent-following” behavior is learned damming of rivers threaten species Innate behavior – human breast feeding Infant: Rooting reflex - instinctive search for nipple Brain coordinates nursing Mother: Nursing stimulates milk-letdown reflex Signals get to brain; hormones stimulate milk target cells in breast contract milk-letdown Some innate behaviors are “stereotyped” e.g., Kitten pounces on ball, Dog ‘digs’ on rug, Infant grasps, Goose retrieves egg Goose retrieves any small, rounded object Adaptive: Egg outside nest would not hatch Innate (fixed) behaviors often in response to simple stimuli Example – herring gull chicks peck on red spot on parents beak to get food
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bio102 lecutre 1-25 - Animal behavior kin selection C(h 32...

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