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Unformatted text preview: V cV „‰‰Q˜q•©5VI`I`5$vˆ€cIQY©$$€‘u$WU €T f cT© HT i p E `TR H € Y E fT E HD R c € V c € ’fV „5dV5T©5rEW5e5od~”5IVI`5$¨€W„ID‘Gd€5dVfQ$VFSVd5dR€GFSVQdicC„4›ˆ„Tˆfdv`5ˆTfIGQ‘YeQdiVFE‘GW‚H”$$ba$T` VbIgdGsc5dV„dDfQY¨SidIcv$QdicEW5©PQHIdG5bsDR XQyFIH©XQIy5TwbIgdGsc5V ©dV¨TSdicIGv©E5Vdc5bsDW¨ ’ ¢ †D©ˆiˆRIcQY R c T G u HV HT cT G ` V R f u T R X§  G ˆ›„ˆTdfwEW55S©Xw’–’ ¢ †‰d€5VQHFˆ›RGQdicw$yS©Xh„– ¢ †d$dV$V©5TGFhTidcIv€Rd€FvRdG‘c„TQw'€€wVQ€”A R c T HTy X D € T X — Df c X E G u GE € `Y T G Ž B i ” ™ p o™q ƒ— $i˜©‹©„Q‰~4W–j ¦ ¤ ¦ „dR€GFwRdG‘c„TQhQdice„D¨d“€ˆIcQdY3aFIHGd¨dDFIHG ’ E € `Y V H G  c c „IDdG5dX„Dƒ IHGhQdic€dc$bgF„sDIa$dV5IXdGIc`Qv5TWdiv5‘Vd€5sVRFdDQY‡†D85IVdG$‘VaF€’€‘–€sVWFEFdDQdD©5‘VWy H cT f V fV H R ` cT y c c € € f  € f € T U Ž B Ry fY c E € €w5TWdiwdR€GFw$dV‘c„¨TSIHvˆ€Ic`Q‘y5dV7€Qi€w’Fˆ“‘c€‘G5dV„dD„DQiQdYdiIcv5Vd5bsD7€w5WdihdR€GFwd€„T„¨T †D G c c E f €T X G € f G ” € f c  G u E cT R G cT c E € `P  sV„T ‚Q‘ywVQdi©IH¨5VFˆE„sD5dVf–IaI`5$RdGQ„8€G8„dD5T`QyFEF©7VQdic „dDƒfr5W„PI‘Gm5TˆcI„PIFwQdiFy$$‘V„ThT–QIH‘Gw A R f € c G E f R `T cYD f c D X X `TH €` G GE V c f € ` P € ’f a Y V D UT X X fP f € u ` H cT f G Gi ” cH cH R  `U $$Vb$T`QfŽ€B¨Qdic‡†w“Q‘aIcIGI`GQ5©5ˆT„„dDfQdY¨„ƒD 75IDI`5Te„IDdG5dX„ƒD HI€€Q€8s’€ˆF$VdF„sD‡†DhIVQ5ˆTc TPG SQIHFEWIys`RWIHG‰m5FEQ„–€G3„IDdG5dX„ƒD IH“Q$T`Q‘Y€GFˆE EW5e“„dDdfF„sDRˆ–`5TˆIc„PIF'y$„Dd5TQFFD©X©Qdihcv”A yEV ET H cT f G a HT ` cH  G GE f c `yE V c s’€ˆ„dDdf$7‘cWIH5b5T f fV € GTP „IDdGscR5dV„dDfQY€„ƒD dV5T€ˆ€IcGQ8$VQdic % ’d„IDdG5dX„ƒD IH–IDGFEW5d5TWdysc„hQdi8WHIG5ˆTcF„sD€ˆ€cIQ¨„„’—QB£„’—F5¡ F¢ H c f f Uf H cT f G yT ` RT V c € H R GU —— y – y˜ y IaQ„„$$b$V€5D 4 d„IDdG5dX„ƒD IHG‡†8ˆ€IcGQU¨„„’—yF„ yF5¡’˜b ¢ 5dV„dD‘c€ €B„„R‘GWy‡†ddHIG©h¡Tv„DQ7 A `HDyfVg u ’ H cT f D —— ˜ ˜ y € f Ž Ty € X D ’ X f ’f `yED X V $„dDc5TQFF©hQdic dD5‘Vd€„TWEW575‘Vd€5sVRFdDfQˆ›„TW˜UF„5dVEW5¨PQIHdGQdysc„ T yF5hQdiHIv€ˆ„Dddf$7‘cWHIG5b5e„DIdGsc5Vd„dDQY c E € Y HT € € Y R …ET f HT f R HT X V c G f fV € TPT H R c f VFEF5dDfQ7dDc€ˆ“$VFFsDRW$b$VQQ5WˆiˆRhVQdihIHw5FEFsDRW$8dV5T‰$FˆE„sD5dVfb5TˆcI„PIGF8Qdif„Ddƒfr€ˆcIQx€€VQ€”A Gg Y f E HV` HHT  c G EV HV f fV f R ` G E V c X  GU ¦ B „ i ” ’ Q„… wuFt 5eHI¨QIHGdcIQ‘y€5dVQW˜hd~4Q$Q¥odz ££ †E — v HT G P ` fy • ƒqi¤ p ¢ | p j ƒ p k n y EV cH yš fT ` H € v HT V c cD D € ` X € i ” 5o¨{ 2–¡5ŠW‘—‰d‰ePQIH‘G€We5$IdGF5TWb©dV5h€5TW„IP‘Gx3EW5¨)Qid4di„WU †75VIQY©5dT©VQ€”A ¡ bW5Tˆ7RGd$Q„5X ’VY c cVHPT „h€5TW„IP‘GSIDGFEW5T †QIHGFˆE„sD5dVf85ˆTIc„IPGF–„Dƒ 5‘V€W©IaQ„©©„sD–€hc5Wdi7F$V©QYIQbš5QHIGFˆEf...
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This note was uploaded on 10/14/2012 for the course ENGG 171 taught by Professor Kwong during the Fall '12 term at Hofstra University.

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