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Fate too can play a role fire typhoon tsunami

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Unformatted text preview: -of-date products and Bad luck? fate too can play a role fire, typhoon, tsunami, earthquake fire, etc etc Lack of Communication effective management relies on everyone effective being aware of what the others are doing being Inefficient Marketing profits cannot be made without sales sales cannot be made without marketing SYMPTOMS/SIGNALS OF PROBLEMS PROBLEMS “causes” are usually discovered by lender causes” AFTER the event (problem) AFTER whereas “symptoms” are outward signals whereas of causes & show up FIRST of problems do not occur ‘out of the blue’ usually there is a preceding period of usually several months when problem signals are being emitted Lenders to be on the look-out for these Lenders symptoms symptoms Typical Signals/Symptoms Typical Worsening trading/operating experience slow payments from debtors evidenced by slow dispute with customers dispute failure to keep repayment promises to creditors current a/c of borrower is good source of current indicator of trading problems indicator exceeding overdraft limit without prior exceeding arrangement with bank arrangement frequent requests for additional credit frequent facility facility dishonored (bounced)) cheq...
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