Week 4 (Sept 29 - Oct 5) Chp 11 Lectures & Supplementary Information (Blanks)

1117 cancers may spread to new locations in the body

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Unformatted text preview: New Locations in the Body REAL WORLD EXAMPLE Describe an example of a type of cancer in which the G1 Checkpoint does not function properly. Rb protein (tumor suppressor) functions as BRAKES in cell cycle Retinoblastoma (in children)-Rb protein is dysfunctional, G1 checkpoint disrupted !! cell division is constant and unregulated, malignant tumors in the retina 9 LECTURE DISCUSSION: THINK, GROUP, SHARE ACTIVITY CURES FOR CANCER & TREATMENT STRATEGIES Imagine that you have been put in charge of a Canadian Research Team that has been assigned to find cures for cancer and to improve upon the current strategies for treating cancer! By utilizing your vast knowledge of the Biology, propose topics that should be investigated in future experiments. Explain the reasoning behind your proposed topics. Think, Group, & Share with your classmates! Focus on heading straight to the source, focus on extracting certain sections of the cell cycle where the mutation begins, instead of killing tumors, because they may grow back. If the source of corrup...
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