Week 4 (Sept 29 - Oct 5) Chp 11 Lectures & Supplementary Information (Blanks)

2 undergo the process of binary fission bacteria

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Unformatted text preview: undergo the process of BINARY FISSION bacteria = binary fission - binary fission produces two genetically identical daughter cells 2 ANIMALS, FUNGI, and PLANTS complete THE CELL CYCLE Fig. 11.5 The Cell Cycle Has Four Phases 4 CELL CYCLE PHASES 1. G1 PHASE (Interphase) 2. S PHASE (Interphase) 3. G2 PHASE (Interphase) 4. MITOTIC (or M) PHASE INTERPHASE - interphase represents a very large portion of the Cell Cycle What occurs during the G1 PHASE ? G for GROWTH and development of organelles What occurs during the S PHASE ? DNA SYNTHESIS (chromosomes replicate What occurs during the G2 PHASE ? G for GROWTH, protein machinery Why do GAP PHASES exist? before mitosis, parent must see if its big enough and have required organelles for daughter cells to operate normally What is G0 PHASE(GAP 0 PHASE)? non dividing state liver cells can go back into cell cycle, triggered by external cues What are some EXAMPLES of cells that are in G0 PHASE? nerve cells, muscle cells 3 HOW DOES MITOSIS TAKE PLACE? MITOSIS - m...
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