Week 4 (Sept 29 - Oct 5) Chp 11 Lectures & Supplementary Information (Blanks)

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Unformatted text preview: r distributed to any person (using any type of media), who is not enrolled in the course, except by written permission of the Biology 1A03 pr ofessor, Dr. L. Kajiura. Copyright © 2011. chemotherapy anticancer chemicals are applied to whole body via injection Mode of action in chemotherapy drugs -Kills rapidly dividing cancer cells or causes them to stop in G1 phase NEW RESEARCH looking into attachment of chemo drugs that bind to specific membrane proteins on cancer cells focused upon the delivery of chemo drugs via liposomes, so they target only the cancer cells -also causes hair loss, nausea, weight loss, weakness some chemo chemicals also kill normal cells that rapidly divide such as intestinal cells and hair follicles....
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