Week 4 (Sept 29 - Oct 5) Chp 11 Lectures & Supplementary Information (Blanks)

Kinetochores attach extend from the poles to the

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Unformatted text preview: ch extend from the poles to the kinetochores attach to kinetochore What is the FUNCTION of the KINETOCHORE MICROTUBULES? NONKINETOCHORE Microtubules - radiate from each centrosome towards the metaphase plate without attaching to chromosomes - may overlap with those from the opposite pole What are the FUNCTIONS the NONKINETOCHORE MICROTUBULES? lengthen assist in elongating entire cell Form a cage like network which facilitates activites of cell cycle components METAPHASE (THE ORGANIZING PHASE) line up - chromosomes line up along the metaphase plate - centromeres are aligned on the metaphase plate, which is located equidistant from the two poles ANAPHASE (SEPARATING DNA COPIES) - binding proteins between the sister chromatids break down - centromeres of sister chromatids disjoin and segregate, this process is called Disjunctional Segregation - chromosomes move centromere first (they appear "V-shaped” ) - towards the end of anaphase, the two poles have identical numbers of chromosomes - the cell elongates TELOPHASE forms 2 daughter cells - nonkinetochore microtubules further elongate the cell - two daughter nuclei form - formation of the nuclear envelopes around each set of chromosomes 5 CYTOKINESIS (CYTOPLASM DIVISION) - telophase is often , but not always, followed by cytokinesis Fig.11.9 The Mechanism of...
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