2 find the age of the oldest student who is either a

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Unformatted text preview: sname, Class (cname, meets-at, room, fid) (cname meetsEnrolled (snum, cname) (snum Faculty (fid, fname, deptid) (fid fname, deptid) Express each of the following integrity constraints in SQL. 2. Find the age of the oldest student who is either a History major or enrolled in a course taught by I.Teach. I.Teach. 4. Find the names of all students who are enrolled in two classes that meet at the same time. 5. Find the names of faculty members who teach in every room in which some class is taught. 10. Find the names of students enrolled in the maximum number of classes. (a) Every class has a minimum enrollment of 5 students and a maximum enrollment of 30 students. (c) Every faculty member must teach at least two courses. (i) No department can have more than 10 faculty members. 57 Exercise 5.10 (p. 180) 58 Views Consider the following relations: Emp (eid, ename, age, salary) ename, Works (eid, did, pct_time) pct_time) (eid Dept (did, budget, managerid) managerid) (did Express each of the following inte...
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