Cannot include aggregate functions sql1999 may involve

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Unformatted text preview: lors; ActiveSailors; 63 Updatable Views 64 Updatable Views in MySQL SQL-92: Must be defined on a single table using only SQLselection and projection and not using DISTINCT. Cannot include: • aggregate functions SQL:1999: May involve multiple tables in SQL:1999 if each view field is from exactly one underlying base table and that table’s PK is included in view; not table’ restricted to selection and project, but cannot insert into views that use union, intersection, or set difference. • DISTINCT • GROUP BY • HAVING • UNION • subquery in select list • certain joins Why have these restrictions? 65 66 Updatable Views (continued) Updatable Views (continued) In addition, to be insertable: insertable: Certain multiple-table views are updatable: multiple- • must contain no duplicate view column names • must user inner join (not outer join or union) • must contain all columns in base table with no default value • must result in update to a single table in view defn. (so SET clause must name only columns from one table in view) • must contain only simple column references, not derived columns May...
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