Select from where group by having q35 find average

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Unformatted text preview: s. SELECT FROM WHERE GROUP BY HAVING (Q35) Find average age of sailors who are of voting age for each rating rating level that has at least 2 sailors. S.rating, MIN(S.age) as minage S.rating, MIN(S.age) Sailors S S.age >= 18 S.rating COUNT(*) > 1; SELECT FROM WHERE GROUP BY HAVING S.rating, AVG(S.age) as avgage S.rating, AVG(S.age) Sailors S S.age >= 18 S.rating 1 < (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Sailors S2 WHERE S.rating = S2.rating; 49 49 50 Insert Tuples Insert Tuples Suppose we have created a table for the relation: Students (sid, name, login, age, gpa) gpa) (sid Can insert tuples from one table into another. E.g., create a table for the relation SmartStudents (sid, name, login, age). Then insert tuples from Students into SmartStudents: SmartStudents: To insert a new tuple: tuple: INSERT INTO Students (sid, name, login, age, gpa) sid, gpa) VALUES (53688, ‘Smith’,’smith@ee’, 18, 3.2); Smith’ smith@ee’ INSERT INTO SmartStudents (sid, name, login, age) sid, SELECT sid, name, login, age sid, FROM...
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