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Unformatted text preview: activated and condition is true A trigger is a procedure that is trigger automatically invoked by the DBMS in response to specified changes to the database. active database 75 76 Trigger Example Triggers vs. Constraints CREATE TABLE Books Similarity: associated with an event Constraint - action occurs when changes to d.b. violate constraint condition Trigger - action occurs when trigger condition is satisfied (ISBN CHAR(10) PRIMARY KEY, Title VARCHAR(50), Price DECIMAL(5,2), Authors VARCHAR(50), Pages INT, PubDate YEAR(4), Qty INT) ENGINE=InnoDB; ENGINE=InnoDB; CREATE TABLE Reorder (ISBN CHAR(10), ReorderDate DATE, ReorderQty INT); Difference: Constraints are restricted to ensuring condition not violated; triggers can be used to execute arbitrary actions. 77 78 Trigger Example (continued) Trigger Example (continued) Revised trigger: Almost correct trigger to insert row in Reorder when quantity of book in stock drops below 5: CREATE TRIGGER ReorderTrigger AFTER UPDATE ON Books REFERENCES NEW ROW AS NewRow,...
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