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Bid bbid and rsidssid rsid ssid 42 query examples

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Unformatted text preview: ERE R.bid = B.bid AND R.sid=S.sid)); R.sid= S.sid)); 42 Query Examples (continued) Query Examples (continued) String comparisons: (Q18) Find ages of sailors whose last name begins and ends with B and has at least 3 characters. Can use comparison operators (=, <, >, etc.) to compare strings. SELECT FROM WHERE Can also use LIKE operator as well as wild-card symbols. % 0 or more arbitrary characters _ exactly 1 character S.age Sailors S S.sname LIKE ‘B_%B’; B_%B’ For example, ‘_AB%’ denotes a pattern matching any string containing 3 or more characters, with the second and third characters being AB. 43 43 Query Examples (continued) Query Examples (continued) (Q26) Find average age of sailors with a rating of 10. SELECT FROM WHERE (Q27) Find name and age of oldest sailor. AVG (S.age) (S.age) Sailors S S.rating = 10; Solution with syntax error: SELECT FROM (Q28) Count the number of sailors. SELECT FROM COUNT(*) Sailors; 44 S.sname, MAX(S.age) S.sname, MAX(S.age) Sailors S; Correct solution: NOTE: No blank before “(” with aggregate operators SELECT FROM WHERE (Q29) Count number of different sailor...
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