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Unformatted text preview: be insertable, but deletions not supported. 67 67 Example of View 68 Another Example of View From page 88 of textbook: From page 89: Suppose we have a table called Clubs (cname, jyear, mname). (cname, jyear, mname). CREATE VIEW GoodStudents (sid, gpa) AS sid, gpa) SELECT S.sid, S.gpa S.sid, FROM Students S WHERE S.gpa > 3.0; CREATE VIEW ActiveStudents (name, login, club, since) AS SELECT S.sname, S.login, C.cname, C.jyear S.sname, S.login, C.cname, FROM Students S, Clubs C WHERE S.sname = C.mname AND S.gpa > 3; Is this view updatable? Is this view updatable? 69 Deferring Constraint Checking Another Example (continued) CREATE TABLE Chicken (cID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, eID INTEGER, FOREIGN KEY (eID) REFERENCES Egg (eID)); (eID) (eID)); Instance of ActiveStudents: ActiveStudents: name login 70 club since Dave [email protected] Sailing Smith [email protected] Hiking (eID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, cID INTEGER, FOREIGN KEY (cID) REFERENCES Chicken (cID)); (cID) (cID)); 1997 Rowing CREATE TABLE Egg 1996 Smith [email protected] Smith [email protected] H...
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