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E in a single update 15 exercise 5101 p 180 16 create

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Unformatted text preview: date). 15 Exercise 5.10.1 (p. 180) 16 CREATE DOMAIN Define new domain with constraints: Consider the following relational schema. An employee can work in more than one department; the pct_time field of the Works relation shows the percentage of time that a given employee works in a given department. Emp (eid, ename, age, salary) Works (eid, did, pct_time) Dept (did, budget, managerid) Write a CHECK clause to ensure the following integrity constraint: Employees must make a minimum salary of $1000. CREATE DOMAIN AgeRange INTEGER CHECK (VALUE >= 16 AND Value <= 80); Can use in table definition: CREATE TABLE Students (ID CHAR(9), (ID Name CHAR(30), Login CHAR(20), Age AgeRange, AgeRange, gpa DECIMAL(4,2), UNIQUE (Login), PRIMARY KEY (ID)); Not supported in MySQL. MySQL. 17 18 CREATE DOMAIN (continued) CREATE TYPE Defining default value: To avoid nonsensical comparisions such as comparing sailor ID with boat ID: CREATE DOMAIN AgeRange INTEGER DEFAULT 18 CHECK (VALUE >= 16 AND VALUE <= 80); CREATE TYPE SailorIDType as INTEGER; Not supported in MySQL. MySQL. 19 19 20 Con...
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