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Unformatted text preview: Students S WHERE S.gpa = 4.0; INSERT INTO Students (sid, login, name, gpa, age) sid, gpa, VALUES (53688, ‘[email protected]’, ‘Smith’, 3.2, 18); [email protected]’ Smith’ INSERT INTO Students VALUES (53688, ‘Smith’, ‘[email protected]’, 18, 3.2); Smith’ [email protected]’ Database Management Systems, 3rd ed., Ramakrishnan and Gehrke, Chapter 3 51 52 Delete Tuples Update Tuples To delete all the tuples for students named Smith: DELETE WHERE To modify column values of existing rows in a table: FROM Students S = ‘Smith’; Smith’ UPDATE SET WHERE 53 Students S S.age = S.age + 1, S.gpa = S.gpa - 1 S.sid = 53688; 54 Loading Data Loading Data (continued) You can insert tuples into existing table from a text file. E.g., create text file called ‘mystudents.txt’ with 1 tuple per line and with mystudents.txt’ column values separated by tabs: 53688 <tab> Smith <tab> [email protected] <tab> 18 <tab> 3.2 54998 <tab> Jones <tab> [email protected] <tab> 20 <tab> 2.9 67301 <tab> Verner <tab> [email protected] <tab> \N &...
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