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Unformatted text preview: iking 1997 1998 Smith [email protected] Rowing 1998 Why can’t we do the following? can’ INSERT INTO Chicken VALUES (1, 2); INSERT INTO Egg VALUES (2, 1); 71 72 Oracle Solution CREATE TABLE Chicken (cID eID CREATE TABLE Egg (eID cID Oracle Solution (continued) INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, INTEGER); INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, INTEGER); To delete these tables: ALTER TABLE Egg DROP CONSTRAINT EggRefChicken; EggRefChicken; ALTER TABLE Chicken DROP CONSTRAINT ChickenRefEgg; ChickenRefEgg; ALTER TABLE Chicken ADD CONSTRAINT ChickenRefEgg FOREIGN KEY (eID) REFERENCES Egg (eID) (eID) (eID) INITIALLY DEFERRED DEFERRABLE; ALTER TABLE Egg ADD CONSTRAINT EggRefChicken FOREIGN KEY (cID) REFERENCES Chicken (cID) (cID) (cID) INITIALLY DEFERRED DEFERRABLE; DROP TABLE Egg; DROP TABLE Chicken; 73 73 Triggers 74 Trigger Description Event: change to d.b. that activates trigger d.b. Condition: query or test that is run when trigger is activated Action: procedure executed when trigger is...
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