MRP #3 - Ashley Ozery MRP#3 Prehistoric RAT In the...

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Ashley Ozery 09/05/07 MRP #3 Prehistoric RAT In the blackboard readings, there are several key points. Morton brings up the excellent question—what differentiates a human baby from a “noisy pet”? Her answer, of course, I that the first sign is when he starts naming things and learning their function. This trend continues later on in human life, as people make connections. If someone is late, for example, the person waiting will fantasize about his whereabouts. Or consider the great scientists of the world, whose theories are all based on stories. Even simple mathematics are taught using scenarios—a fancy world for “story.” In Sternberg’s article, “You Are What You Retrieve,” many points regarding intelligences are presented. Sternberg claims “the science of artificial intelligence parallels the science of human intelligence.” At least, in one respect: intelligence is associated with solving puzzles, and both computers and humans can do that. However, humans can produce and comprehend “scripts.”
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MRP #3 - Ashley Ozery MRP#3 Prehistoric RAT In the...

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