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Ashley Ozery MRP #4 Prehistoric RAT 09/10/2007 Thompson and Dickson have extremely different styles of writing. Thompson’s The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light is exceptionally difficult to comprehend. One reason is his extensive vocabulary. However, the main reason it’s challenging, in my opinion, is due to his tangential approach. One page is about WonderWoman and the Amazons, and the next is about lampur monkeys. It is difficult to remember why he’s discussing such random subjects. I realize they are examples to further his point, but I fear his point actually gets lost amidst it all. That is why I prefer Dickson’s The Dawn of Belief . His writing appeals more to me (I do not need a dictionary to decipher it!).
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Unformatted text preview: He also uses examples, but they serve as a reinforcement, not as a distraction. In addition, I understood his text was about mythology, not about whatever Thompsons was I realized he also wrote about mythology, but it was so roundabout it was hard to keep it mind. Despite my complaints, I did find Thompsons work interesting. While I did not agree with much of it (ie that a man should favor his sisters children at times), it did expose me to many new ideas that I would never have thought of myself. I found that I would sit back, put the book down, and actually think . Happily, I also found I did not agree with every word I read merely because it was on papera fault many people share....
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