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Ashley Ozery 09-12-07 Prehistoric RAT MRP #5 According to Dickson, the most important developments during the Pleistocene  are humans’ fondness of narcissistic behavior, and the development of stone tools.  Neanderthals are significant in relation to cultural development and religion in several  ways.  Neanderthals were the first hominid to intentionally bury their dead.  Interestingly  enough, they bound their dead.  Theories as to why include as a way to save space, or as  a way to prevent the dead from returning to the living.  This spirituality suggests the  beginning of some kind of religion.  The same is true of the intentional gathering of red  ochre.  Red ochre was used to paint walls or even human beings.  This could have been 
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Unformatted text preview: used to signify age, gender, status, or in religion rituals. Goldings novelized Neanderthals seem (to me) very different than Dicksons historical ones. Goldings men seem less focused on religion and narcissism and more on safety and importantly, food. They have some semblance of a system (a leader), but overall seem very chaotic and disorganized. Perhaps this is a reflection on the development of the human brain? They seem childlike in the novel, which makes sense, as Dickson stated early man had a brain like a child, continually trying guess and check, with no clear end solution in mind....
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