MRP #6 - not necessarily shamans they retain the mystic...

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Ashley Ozery 09/17/07 Prehistoric RAT MRP #6 According to Lommel’s article on shamanism, a shaman is a mystic man. But he is more than the traditional medicine man definition. He is an artist, a dancer, a medium. Shamans often express themselves through ritualistic dance or artistic measures. In The Inheritors , the old woman seems to me to be a shaman- esque character. She has wisdom the others lack, and knows all the religious rites. Mal also seemed like a shaman, with his pictures and leadership abilities. Also, Lommel stated a shaman was also in poor health, and Mal died. Shamans continue in modern day. There are shamans in many cultures, namely those of the Eskimos and in other parts of the world. But even in today’s society, aspects of shamanism persist. Mystics, fortunetellers, and psychics are still around. While these people are
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Unformatted text preview: not necessarily shamans, they retain the mystic feel and trances of shamans. In Inside the Neolithic Mind , Rousseau is quoted as saying “no state has ever been founded without religion serving as its base.” This statement rings true even in Neolithic times. Religion was the central theme, after food. However, he continues, the difference is that “natural man” had a theism without altars, rites, merely a cult-like theism. Lewis-Williams and Pierce point out many times that natural man and modern man are very similar in many aspects. Culture, however, mediates the way each views an event. Even in modern society, simple things can mean nothing to one part of the world and everything elsewhere. Prehistoric religion governed the life of prehistoric man. Modern religion (more often than not) governs the life of modern man....
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MRP #6 - not necessarily shamans they retain the mystic...

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