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dental forroutinedentaltreatment

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Unformatted text preview: aces touched by more than one person clean & disinfected (door knobs, handrails) Remember to clean first & then disinfect Wash your hands frequently & always before eating Carry alcohol­based (60 – 95%), sanitizing hand wipes or gel with you to disinfect your hands Teach your children to practice good hand hygiene Flu is often transmitted at school Pandemic Preparedness Pandemic UTHSC­H has an appointed Task Force that includes input from: Harris County Health Dept. City of Houston Health Dept. TMC Memorial Hermann Hospital Pandemic Preparedness: How to protect yourself Get vaccinated for seasonal flu Wash hands frequently Practice & teach cough etiquette Practice social distancing Avoid close contact with sick people Avoid close contact if sick Stay home if sick! Dental Unit Waterlines & Biofilm Dental Microbial biofilms form in small bore tubing of dental units Biofilms serve as a microbial reservoir Primary source of microorganisms is municipal water supply Dental Unit Water Quality Dental Using water of uncertain quality is inconsistent with infection control principles Microbial counts in water from untreated systems can exceed 1,000,000 CFU/mL (CFU = colony forming unit) Untreated dental units cannot reliably produce water that meets drinking water standards Dental Unit Water Quality (cont.) Dental For routine dental treatment, meet regulatory standards for drinking water: < 500 CFU/mL of heterotrophic water bacteria ADA standards: < 200 CFU/mL of heterotrophic bacteria Dental Unit Water Quality (cont.) (cont.) ICX Tablets Available on gray cabinets at the back of the bays Instructions posted in each cubicle Dental Unit Water Quality (cont.) ICX Tablets ICX Tablets Rinse empty water bottle with tap water Prior to rinsing, make sure the water from tap has run for at least 30 seconds or until clear Add one tablet of ICX to empty water bottle – avoid touching the tablet Fill bottle with tap water Wait 60 seconds for tablet to fully dissolve Fire Alarm Design Fire Stop patient procedure Send one person to emergency exit to listen to announcement, & ask that person to tell you if there is...
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