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Unformatted text preview: care designed to protect health care providers & patients from pathogens that can spread by blood & other body fluids Treat all human blood & body fluids as if known Treat to be infectious for HIV, HBV or other BBP to ALL BLOOD AND BODY FLUIDS ARE CONSIDERED TO BE INFECTIOUS ! Good Work Place Practices (cont.) Good Follow SOPs NEVER recap needles with two hands! Establish & maintain clean & dirty zones Decontaminate work surfaces At start & end of procedures Immediately after spill Before removal of equipment Survey work area Note locations of all necessary equipment, waste Note containers, disinfectants, soaps containers, Good Work Place Practices (cont.) Good Wash hands frequently, always between Wash patients & always before leaving work area! patients DO NOT eat, drink, or apply cosmetics in DO the work area the Practice proper personal hygiene for the Practice dental clinic setting dental Label containers - hazard communication Chemical & biological working stocks Dispose of waste properly Exposure Control Plan Exposure Written plan to eliminate exposure to blood & body fluids Exposure determination Plan must be accessible Compliance UTHSC­H Dental School Clinic Manual UTHSC­H Biological Safety Manual Injury Prevention Injury Remove burs from handpiece immediately after completion of dental procedure Recap anesthetic needles using proper technique Restrict use of fingers in tissue retraction or palpation during suturing or administration of anesthesia Avoid uncontrolled movements of dental instruments. THINK BEFORE MOVING AN INSTRUMENT! Injury Prevention (cont.) Injury Burs Must be removed from handpiece immediately upon completion of patient treatment Recapping Anesthetic Needles Recapping Use the needle recapper to recap anesthetic needles NEVER use two hands! Recapping Anesthetic Needles Recapping Use the “one­handed scoop” technique to recap if a recapper is not available NEVER use two hands! Sharps Sharps Handle carefully Do not recap with two hands Discard in sharps container Do not bend or break needles Report all injurie...
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