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Unformatted text preview: ered with a surgical cap to minimize the possibility of contamination Beards, mustaches, or other facial hair must be neatly trimmed to fit under the mask Fingernails Fingernails Fingernails must be short to help prevent collections of microbes & tears in gloves Colored nail polish is prohibited May obscure soil under the nails False fingernails are prohibited Blood (or OPIM) Spill Clean up Blood Wear appropriate PPE & clean up all blood (or OPIM) spills with a 10% bleach solution or another EPA­ approved disinfectant Apply disinfectant to perimeter of spill Slowly proceed inwards Allow at least 15 minutes of disinfectant contact time Be careful of sharps! Remove any sharps from the spill (after disinfectant contact time) using forceps & discard in sharps container Slowly wipe up spill, working from the perimeter of the spill inwards; clean area with disinfectant again Materials used to clean up the spill (e.g., towels) should be disposed in biohazard container Biological Waste Disposal Biological Blood, saliva or OPIM saturated items must be discarded in biohazard bags at chairside Biohazard bags must be maintained in hard­walled, leakproof, secondary containment Small biohazard bags must be discarded in larger biohazard bags (at the dispensary) Biological Waste Disposal Biological Place sharps in appropriate hard­walled, leakproof sharps container Do not overfill (no more than ¾ full), see “fill line” Call for pickup – UTHSC­H Waste Line 713­500­5837 Regulated Medical Waste Regulated Contaminated waste disposal Sharps disposal In compliance with OSHA, DSHS & TCEQ Injury/Potential Exposure Injury/Potential Stop procedure Apply routine first aid immediately Clean site of injury with soap or antiseptic & flush with warm water for at least 15 minutes Flush mucous membranes with water or saline for at least 15 minutes DO NOT dismiss patient Report incident to nearest dispensary Notify supervisor Complete “Supervisor’s First Report of Injury” form Seek medical attention Injury/Potential Exposure Injury/Potential REMEMBER! If you have received a puncture or laceration injury from a contaminated needle or instrument… REMOVE THE ANESTHETIC SYRINGE OR INSTRUMENT FROM CASSETTE – DO NOT REUSE INSTRUMENT ! Injury/Potential Exposure Injury/Potential DO NOT DO NOT DI...
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