Aureus s vre vancomycin resistant enterococci methods

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Unformatted text preview: ouch areas must be disinfected Follow established guidelines Electronic Equipment Barriers Electronic Apply two lengths of plastic wrap to cover entire keyboard & tuck in on all sides Use Sani­Cloth Plus Disinfectant Disinfect daily, or if contaminated or visibly soiled Touch monitor screen with cotton tipped applicator only (no Sani­Cloth Plus on the monitor screen) Hand Hygiene Hand On average only 40% of health care workers On regularly wash their hands regularly Hospital acquired infections result in Hospital transmission of: transmission MRSA – Methicillin resistant S. aureus S. VRE – Vancomycin resistant Enterococci Methods for contamination Moving patients Taking blood pressure Touching bedrails Touching Source: Hand Hygiene Resource Center Source: Hand Hygiene (cont.) Hand Proper hand washing is VITAL to infection prevention! You may not realize you have germs on your hands! Wash your hands, even if gloves have been worn… Before patient contact, including between different patients Before After contact with anything contaminated After During patient care: Before & after invasive procedure Before Before & after contact with wound Before Between procedures on different parts of same patient Between glove changes Immediately if skin is contaminated or an injury occurs Immediately Proper Hand Washing Proper Wet hands with warm (not hot) water Apply soap on hands Liquid soap is better (germs can live on wet soap bars) Rub hands together for at least 15 seconds Wash longer if there is visible dirt on hands Cover all surfaces of hands & fingers - including Cover between fingers, backs of hands, thumbs, under fingernails Rinse hands thoroughly with warm water Rinse Dry hands thoroughly Dry If using air dryer, push button with elbow If available, use towel to turn off water What song is about 15 seconds long…. What Source: Hand Hygiene Resource Center Source: Where do we miss? Where Hand Hygiene (cont.) Hand Alcohol sanitizers 62% ethyl alcohol Accepted as effective under certain conditions Should not be used when there is visible dirt or grime! Good Work Place Practices (cont.) Good Eating & drinking prohibited in all clinical areas Do not wear jewelry in clinic areas Hair Hair Hair should be short & well­managed Long hair should be pulled back or completely cov...
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