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Unformatted text preview: orne pathogen material bloodborne Sharps containers Fill no greater than ¾ full Needleless devices Use Use retractable syringes, self-sheathing needles (if possible) needles Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Personal Consider that all patients are infectious Wear personal protective equipment Gowns Gloves Masks Protective Eyewear Clinic Gown Clinic The official protective gown for use in all Dental Branch clinics is the Clinic Gown: White for faculty Blue for students Laboratory Gown Laboratory Working in a clinical Working dental laboratory: dental Yellow gown should be used Nonsurgical Gloves Vinyl, nitrile, or latex examination gloves must be worn when treating nonsurgical patients Surgical Gloves Surgical Sterile disposable gloves must be worn during all surgical procedures Utility Gloves Utility Each student must have Each a pair of heavy-duty utility gloves for break down gloves after patient treatment Must be washed with Must antimicrobial soap, rinsed & dried rinsed Stored in plastic bag in Stored locker locker Masks Masks must be worn to protect: Masks must be worn to protect: Face Oral & nasal mucosa Masks Masks Masks must be changed if they become damp The mask must be changed for each new patient, except for short exams! If a face shield is worn it must be worn at the same time as a surgical mask Special Masks Special A llaser plume aser face mask must be worn during a laser or electrosurgery procedure! procedure! Protective Eyewear Protective Must be worn to protect from aerosol & spatter Regular eyewear must have side shields Side shields must be securely attached to the eyewear frame, abutting the lenses & free of vents or openings Special protective eyewear for laser procedures Administrative Controls Administrative Medical surveillance Immunizations BBP, infection control, hazard communication Management of staff Hepatitis B series Training TB skin (PPD) or Quantiferon test, baseline serum SOP compliance Background checks Hepatitis B Vaccination Hepatitis Available at no cost to employees All health care workers must have vaccination Employees can decline vaccination, but must sign a declination statement Good Work Place Practices Good Universal/Standard precautions A standard of...
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