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Ashley Ozery 12/12/07 Prehistoric RAT Female/Lunar Thesis: In my project, I explored the relationship between the omnipresent moon and mankind, with special emphasis on female life. I researched the moon’s association with religion, as a manifestation of the sacred. I also explored the moon’s correlation to agriculture, both in the Paleolithic and today. Other notable features were the moon’s association with specific animals and natural phenomena. Most importantly was culture’s connection of the moon with fertility, pregnancy, and women—this connection occurred across many continents with no visible connection.
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Unformatted text preview: Additionally, I explored various moon gods/goddesses, and the continuance of importance placed on the moon in modern tradition. Methodology: I used Microsoft PowerPoint to complete my assignment. I gathered information from texts used in class, as well as texts on relevant topics acquired elsewhere. As an additional resource, I used the internet, both for context and clarification, as well as an opportunity to explore something more in-depth. Images were gathered either from Microsoft clip-art or from Google Images. No problems were encountered....
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