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Psychology Notes Activation Synthesis Hypothesis : idea that dreams are not psychological phenomenon, but a physiological event – random electrical events, stimulating frontal cortex - no innate meanings - starts in brain stem Freudian Dream Ideas : dreams have meaning – Freud even wrote book Freudian Analysis of Dreams : sexual and aggressive tendencies of our subconscious creep out when we are relaxed and sleeping - Manifest Content: overt, apparent content of dreams (what you tell others) - Latent Content: hidden content, meaningful symbolic part of dreams - Dream Work: associating things; brain works latent into manifest in order to preserve sleep – brain produces safer, less anxious manifest content Steps in Dream Analysis : 1) Take out salient points 2) Free associate 3) Interpret FREUD - medical doctor - developed theory of human psyche - slips of tongue, unconscious, dreams, clinical research Psychoanalysis: Freud’s psychology – analysis of the mind; unconscious motives for human behavior Illogical Behavior : atypical; when a rational person acts irrational : (para-proxies) people forget things intentionally…ulterior motives - Relates to Psychic Determinism : no such thing as “no reason” Compromised Formation : symptoms related to repressed memory – takes place of bad memory, like a nervous cough Freud’s 4 Critical Periods of Life: 1) Topographical Period – (1895) Developed theory that mind has 3 levels a. Consciousness – smallest part of mind; what is in mind b. Preconscious – accessible working memory, boundary b/t C and UC c. Unconscious – Can’t access when awake – impulses, vulgar, neg, intense Conflict Theory – repressed things try to express selves, while forces try to keep down…conflict Primordial Fears – fears for survival – in unconscious Affect Vs. Ideation – feeling vs. thought that accompany all experience…split if experience is bad, so you have feelings and you don’t know why you have them, or emotionless thoughts Seduction Theory – Psychogenic and somatic symptoms are caused by sexual abuse o PTSD in children
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2) Fantasy and Instinct Period – (1911) Idea that our instincts have been civilized, and
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Psych 101 Notes - Psychology Notes Activation Synthesis...

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