Moral Choices Part 2

Moral Choices Part 2 - Moral Choices Part 2 October 25,...

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Moral Choices Part 2 October 25, 2007 Sex and Love Other and self-Regarding Spheres Mill - Absolute liberty in the self-regarding sphere - But acknowledges importance of self-regarding virtues - Traits worth having independent of relations with others o Courage temperance, wisdom - Social regarding virtue- justice Sexual Morality - consent necessary for permissible sexual behavior o children (different ages) o mentally handicap - is consent the only issue - is some sexual behavior wrong, even between consenting adults in private? o Prostitution? o Sado- masochism? o With consenting animals? o Polygamy o Masturbation o Homosexuality Kant - Sexual attraction (lust) by itself cannot be love o Love means caring about the other’s well-being o Lust means treating the other as an object of gratification - Lust is a degradation of human nature o Which explains why we are ashamed of it Prudence and Morality - Dictates of prudence are always contingent, never unconditional o Contingent on your desires and the circumstances o Hypothetical- if… then - Dictates of morality are always unconditional, never contingent o Hold unconditionally, regardless of circumstances Persons and Property - Only things can be property - Human beings are not things but rather persons - Human beings are not property - Cant be bought and sold - Cant be owned - Prostitution absolutely immoral
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- You are not your own property - Selling body parts Sex Outside Marriage - Wrong, even when: - Consensual - Non-commercial - Except when one gives oneself fully as in marriage, body and soul, sex transforms other into a thing What else is wrong? o Polygamy- give one get half of man o Adultery- o Masturbation o Homosexuality- cant make babies o Sodomy (sex with animals) - Only have sex to preserve species, only when married Kants Theory vs. Kants Application - theory rejects absolutely treating others as mere objects. Things. Property o only in context of sex? - Kants applications yield conservative sexual morality - Theory might be used to derive different conclusions o If assumption that sex is inherently shameful is dropped - Shouldn’t use people as objects? As means to our ends? Still have to respect them as a person shouldn’t treat like they are merely means to our ends - Sex with just anyone? Treating like means to ends - Goldman- could you respect someone and have sex with them Whats wrong with Homosexuality? A natural law approach by John Finis - Both masturbation and homosexual sex are wrong o In these behaviors, ones conduct is not the actualizing of a real common good. o As distinguished from marriage o Only conjugal activity is free from the shamefulness of instrumentalization - What is the background assumption? o
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Moral Choices Part 2 - Moral Choices Part 2 October 25,...

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