Evolution of Marketing

There was large scale production in anticipation of

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Unformatted text preview: was large scale production in anticipation of demand. The large scale production was made possible by the introduction of machines. The task of marketing during this period was confined to physical distribution of goods. Manufacturers placed more emphasis on production rather than on marketing. It was more of a seller's market where demand was more than the supply. EVOLUTION OF MARKETING 4. THE SALES ERA: As more and more producers entered the production scene, there was a shift from the seller's market to the buyer's market. There was a need for mass selling to support mass production. The producers realised that mere physical distribution is not the answer to mass selling efforts. The production orientation gave way to sales orientation. Persuasive selling was necessary. Producers appointed strong sales force and also resorted to advertising to promote the sale of their products. EVOLUTION OF MARKETING 5.THE MARKETING ERA: This era began after the World War II. Competition became very intense in U.S.A. Ger...
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