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Unformatted text preview: Reasons for poor listening: • Preoccupation and assumptions • Cognitive Efficiency/rapid thought • Social Norms • Effort • You have to will yourself to listen well 5 step active listening process • Hearing: we receive sound waves • Attending: focus our attention • Understanding: make sense of what we hear • Responding: Lets the speaker know you are focused • Remembering: Remember important things Conversational narcissism When people engage in an extreme amount of self focusing to the exclusion of another person (caught up in their own thoughts) Paraphrasing Is annoying if you ‘overparaphrase’ Example: “I’m mad at your for not listening to me!” “Oh, so you’re mad because you think IU don’t listen to you?” Types of listening responses Triangle of meaning • Ogden and Richards • Shows that language is symbolic, but symbols are arbitrary • Left bottom is the referent or thing, top is the though, and bottom right is the word or symbol. (little kid saying shit instead of fish) Linguistic relativism vs. determinism • Linguistic relativism: weak form of the Sapir Whorf hypothesis. Says that language can influence but not determine our thinking. • Linguisitc determinism: strong form of Sapir Whorf hypothesis. Says that there is a strong relationship between language and our perceptions of reality o Lexical Gaps: no term for sexual harassment, no one talks abou tit o Muted group: language you use is not accepted Neologisms Creation of new words Euphemism treadmill Pinkers name for the process of changing words to emotionally chargerd referents (water closet to bathroom) Pinker’s position on language Denotative vs. Connotative meanings • Dennotative: literal, conventional, meaning that most people agree on for a symbol...
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CommStudyGuide2 - Reasons for poor listening: •...

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